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control how held keys are repeated. set_repeat(delay, interval) -> None. control how held keys are repeated pygame.key.set_repeat(): return None pygame.key.set_repeat(delay, interval): return None. We can know if a key has been pressed or released by capturing the events pygame.KEYDOWN and pygame.KEYUP respectively. draw. When blitting this Surface onto a destination, any pixels that have the same color as the colorkey will be transparent. This function returns a list of possible sizes for a specified color depth. pygame.org (the website) welcomes all Python game, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. New with pygame 1.7.1. pygame.display.list_modes ¶ Get list of available fullscreen modes. type == pygame. 温馨提示:比如我们需要设置 ctrl 和 alt 组合键为按下状态,则可以 mods = KMOD_CTRL | KMOD_ALT,然后调用 pygame.key.set_mods (mods),这样尽管用户没有按下 ctrl 和 alt 组合键,它们依然是显示被按下状态。. image.

key_object = pygame.key.get_pressed () key_object = pygame.key.get_pressed() The above syntax will read the input from the keyboard.

MOUSEMOTION is received when the user moves his or her mouse in the display. I am kinda stuck with a supposed to be simple code to check if the user has pressed "w" or "s". Pour un peu de lisibilité plus tard dans notre code, nous allons créer deux constantes de couleur, représentant un tuple de rouge, vert et bleu (RVB). set_mode ((500, 500)) # This line creates a window of 500 width, 500 height Now when we run the program we get something that looks like this. Most platforms will return a "window" key with the value set to the system id for the current display. It has the attributes buttons , pos and rel . Relevant code: # gets a single event from the event queue event = pygame.event.wait() # if any key is pressed …

temporarily set which modifier keys are pressed pygame.key.set_mods(int): return None. convert_alpha pos_clem = (0, 0) continuer = True while continuer: pygame. Create a bitmask of the modifier constants you want to impose on your program. set_mode ((640, 480)) clem = pygame. module pygame pour travailler avec le clavier Ce module contient des fonctions pour traiter avec le clavier. display. pygame.Surface.set_at ... Set the current color key for the Surface. clock = pygame.time.Clock() FPS = 60 # This variable will define how many frames we update per second. Keyboard handling. This is great but we'd like to give our game a more creative name than "pygame window". scancode: the platform-specific key code, which could be different from keyboard to keyboard, but is useful for key selection of weird keys like the multimedia keys New in pygame 2.0.0: The pygame.TEXTINPUT event is preferred to the unicode attribute of pygame.KEYDOWN . pygame.key.set_mods () 临时设置某些组合键为被按下状态。. It's not 2 arguments. display. event. init ecran = pygame. pygame.key.set_repeat. init win = pygame. pygame.key. Pygame will register these events when a display mode has been set. pygame.key.

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