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This feature seems to have been removed from the recent "update" on Office 365. In the Allow Users to Edit Ranges dialog, click New button.

much rather my users enter and edit data in a true database that was designed from the ground up to be a multi-user application, and then bring the data into Excel for analysis using either an external data range or a pivot table.--C^2 Conrad Carlberg Excel Sales Forecasting for Dummies, Wiley, 2005 "Vindell" wrote in message news:3DC59659-526A-4EDB … Before you allow certain users to edit the range of cells, you should make sure that the workbook has not been protected.

Click on Trust Center Settings.
Check the box “Allow changes by more than one user at a time. Click on OK. You will be able to share workbook. When I select range 1, then the allow users to edit ranges option is disabled. The Share Workbook dialog box will appear, and you select the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time. Excel Online offers basic options for sharing a workbook from any Web browser. if more than one user changes same cell on save they will be prompted "whose changes to keep" now if they choose theirs the other gets deleted Presently - when one person is editing the workbook, Sharepoint correctly says the file is locked by user xxxx for editing. That's the real problem. Multiple people editing excel worksheet simultaneously: How to prevent conflicts/overwrite The database/worksheet will use some macros to process files and enter data.

1 year ago. If we store the excel file on a shared network, and if multiple people try to open it, there will be conflicts which will cause issues and potential over-writes of the file. Even when the user displays the Excel information on a data driven message board or notice board by using our DataPoint add-on, then the user has already 2 users working on the Excel file. Allow Users to Edit Ranges - Multiple Ranges being used I have a spreadsheet with 2 edit ranges (rows 2-21 and rows 23 - 43). In Excel click File, Options, Customize Ribbon. 4- Click on the “Customize Ribbon”. In fact, there is no accurate number about it. Click on Allow Users to Edit Ranges under changes group. Other users that try to open the same file will just be able to do it in read-only mode until the first user has closed it. In 'allow users to edit ranges', I created 3 ranges for above cells with no password. See screenshot: 2. Check this: Allow multiple users to edit simultaneously in Excel Online (coauth co-auth). 3- Click on the Option. “Allow users to Edit Ranges” dialog box … How to Multiple Users Work on Same Excel File At The Same Time; 1- Open Excel Program.

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